The Pick Your Niche eBook follows a simple four step plan to find your most ideal niche market for your first business.

Step One: Dig out your passion.
Step Two: Unfold your expertise.
Step Three: Find a hungry crowd.
Step Four: Pick your niche.

Each step will provide practical methods and guide you through a series of questions that will help you further refine your niche.
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The Begin with a Blog eBook follows a simple four step plan to build your presence online:

Step One: Getting Started
Step Two: Branding & Design
Step Three: Setting Up
Step Four: Content & Writing

The purpose of this eBook is not to teach you how to make a living from blogging (although it’s certainly possible if you put you mind to it). The purpose is to help you establish your presence online and show you why a blog platform and blogging can be powerful tools in your overall online-business journey.
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The 1000 subscribers eBook includes some of the most effective and often misunderstood strategies to build and grow an email list.

This 4-step guide covers topics such as:

- Which email service you should use
- How to setup your email list the smart way
- What you should send to your list
- How to grow your subscribers quickly

An email list can help you establish a long-term relationship with your visitors, keep in contact with your fans, increase brand awareness, promote your business, drive traffic, and most importantly, it can raise your bottom line.
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Shall I Write my Book?